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FAR Subpart 2.1

Database - "Computer database" or "database" means a collection of recorded information in a form capable of, and for the purpose of, being stored in, processed, and operated on by a computer. The term does not include computer software.


Database - A collection of related information about a subject organized in a useful manner that provides a base or foundation for procedures, such as retrieving information, drawing conclusions, or making decisions. Any collection of information that serves these purposes qualifies as a database, even if the information is not stored on a computer.

NIST SP 800-82 Final Draft

Database - A repository of information that usually holds plantwide information including process data, recipes, personnel data, and financial data. [Falco, Joe, et al., IT Security for Industrial Control Systems, NIST IR 6859, 2003, http://www.isd.mel.nist.gov/documents/falco/ITSecurityProcess.pdf.]